Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Lindsey left really early to catch Bolt Bus back south. All I remember was hearing my Uncle Ulrich say something like “It’s four forty-five” and that it was still dark… but I could’ve just as easily made that up in my head. I do remember Lindsey poking me or staring at me or breathing on me or doing something, but I must’ve only been awake for a couple seconds before I returned to unconsciousness. I had actually meant to get up & walk her down to the train station, but my sense of self never quite materialized enough to become selfless.

When it came my turn, Chris drove me out to JFK where I walked straight up to a counter person… then waited only about 2 people before I was through security… and then found a seat and returned to playing Civilization 3. I was crammed into my coach seat alongside a quiet guy & a young cute girl about my age with a very very loud child. The kid actually didn’t annoy me at all… usually I’m bothered to no end by young children, but for some reason my mind was totally at peace. I just stared out the window & watched the world go by… and there might’ve been some sleep intermixed in along the way.

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