Sunday, April 22, 2007

THOUGHT - I like take home exams...

I like take home exams...

My answers currently reference the following topics:
- Data acquisition
- Boston police
- Terrorism
- George Orwell
- Big Brother
- Overthrowing the government
- 1991 Oakland Firestorm
- Global warming
- Capitalism
- Sprawl
- the Depression
- World War II (thanks Godwin's Law)
- The internet
- Flex-time
- National security
- Women in the workplace
- Aging baby boomers
- Dishonest politicians
- Retarded citizens (verbatim)
- Transport financing
- Hummers
- London
- Segways
- Teleportation
- 4-dimensional continuous data acquisition
- Microscopic modeling
- Macroscopic modeling
- Polygamy
- Environmentalists
- Fertility drugs
- The military
- The economic benefits of time travel for a Department of Transportation

And on Steve's recommendation, I added the following line into the middle: "If you are actually reading this, I will buy you a case of soda."

The more I stare at these notes, the more I start to see little smiley faces in all the drawings. I think it's time for bed.
My notes are smiling at me.