Monday, November 5, 2012

A Metro Ride With Bieber Fans

So apparently Justin Bieber is playing in DC tonight. This of course resulted in my getting on Metro, sitting down in my usual center-car spot, and almost immediately being inundated with shrieking teenage girls both in front and behind me.

It took me a moment to realise they were giggling at me, the half-dozen in front of me trying to get my attention; the half-dozen behind me trying to get my attention.

Mentally acknowledging I am twice their age, I did what any man would do in his attempt to avoid the judgement of the few older passengers on the train were I to offer any sort of attention toward a bunch of adolescents: pull out my phone and stare at Twitter, doing my best to ignore the girls. If I had a phone back in elementary school: I would have used this exact same defense tactic.

However, this was made particularly difficult when one of the chaperones -- best I could guess: one of their moms -- moved to sit directly across from me and said "They think you're cute."

"mmhmm." I said with only a brief glance of recognition away from my phone.

"...and so do I."

"Cool." -- not looking up -- and immediately cozying into the corner with my phone.

I only get one really awkward moment every 2-3 years, if even that frequent... this would count as one of those moments.