Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Just updated my spreadsheet to include costs/day for my trips, though I'm still missing my 2005 trek...

$175/day - Austria
$90/day - Britain
$125/day - Canada
$345/day - Denmark
$410/day - Iceland/Greenland
$140/day - Ireland
$360/day - Germany
$535/day - Liechtenstein
$275/day - New Zealand
$565/day - Norway
$225/day - Switzerland
$165/day - Russia
$265/day - Sweden
$80/day - Ukraine

Costs include transport, lodging, food, touristy stuff, and anything else that arose... such as my hospital visit in Sweden or my impromptu changes in plan so evident in my 2005 journey. Hostels & wonderful friends who let me mooch off them helped keep food/lodging costs lower in many cases. Transport was easily the single biggest item, supporting my rationale behind one really long trip instead of a several smaller trips.

This was reversed in Sweden & Denmark- where ground transport was cheap(ish), but food & lodging was downright brutal. Norway was likewise, except you need so much transport that it added up fast.

Britain is only low because I did it on a tour & mooched off family along the way.  The real winner is Ukraine- awesome country & a downright bargain. Oh, how I want to return to there...