Saturday, November 21, 2009

USA - Maryland --> NYC

My sleep schedule took a premature hit when I awoke at about 7:00 in the morning, following on the heels of a rather late night of getting ready for the trip. Actually, that also follows on the heels of a whole week of late nights & early mornings… so I guess there actually was a sleep schedule; just not necessarily a good one.

Lindsey and I bumbled about & Steve gave us a ride up to Baltimore to catch the Bolt Bus out of Penn Station. Only about 30 seconds after closing the apartment door, I realized I forgot the first item: my tweed hat. I love that hat. Having just gotten my hair shaved off, it also meant that my head was cold without that hat. But Steve didn’t have keys to get back in and nor did I, as his girlfriend & her dog were both sound asleep inside. So no tweed hat… though I still have my boonie hat (aka “Who needs an umbrella?”) and my winter hat, just in case.

The Bolt Bus was fantastic. The legroom was on par with coach class on an airplane, but for the prices I’d certainly be willing to take it again. In the absence of traffic, we got to New York in about as much time as it’d have taken Amtrak’s regional lines to get there… and at a fraction of the price… and with wi-fi & power outlets. Bravo Bolt Bus, and bah to misplaced federal subsidies.

After doing quite well with timing the transfers needed between bus, rail, and rail again: we arrived in Westfield at about 2pm sharp. We rendezvoused with my cousin & his dog, then otherwise meandered about Westfield the remainder of the day. While north Jersey may not be a favorite destination of mine (or of anyone’s, really), I can’t deny that its Italian presence results in some tasty cheesesteaks to be had.

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