Monday, November 23, 2009

USA - NYC / Westfield

A day in New York! Er… no. Another slow departure, partly because Lindsey had work to do; and partly because I (and possibly others) was feeling lethargic. When Lindsey finished her work and came running over bouncing & full of energy, it was as if she sucked away all of mine: I’d just become a dud sitting on the sofa.

We finally arrived in the city & I got some tasty Halal food. I reiterate tasty: this stuff was amazing. It came from one of the venders just outside of Penn Station & was absolutely fantastic. We stopped by B&N, made our way to some cupcake place in the Village, and soon enough parted ways as Chris returned to Westfield and Lindsey & I made our way to Webster Hall to see Röyksopp.

Webster Hall, as a venue, has a great ambience. I particularly liked the stairwell between floors, but the main room had a great aura, too. The opening act had a good soft-electronica sound – I’ll definitely have to check into them a bit more. Then there was Röyksopp with their great sound. It takes some talent to jazz up an electronic show, and they did it well; even if the lighting was pretty basic. Their female vocalist had some great power, at one point making me wonder if she was trained in opera given the notes and range she was hitting.

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