Sunday, November 30, 2008

THOUGHT - A poor reflection wrong, is not necessarily, is unique.

This was an essay for school about how conflict drives change, and change improves performance. I decided to have fun with Google Translator… here’s what I did:

  • English to Bulgarian & back
  • English to Catalan & back
  • English to German & back
  • English to Italian & back
  • English to Swedish & back
  • English to Japanese & back

Another conflict usually occurs at an angle. It is true that, in order to have different interpretations of human origin, can be edible. In general, the various Office (race, gender, age, social and economic issues, all of the property), the competition is expected to occur. The dispute, affecting the lives of individuals as a result of a spectrum of opinions and to reflect on how to deal with the situation said ozove. Some look like, but the reaction of the individual in May, "" a poor reflection wrong, is not necessarily, is unique.

Affect the conflict. Manager, and the diversity of these claims, have a responsibility to ensure; so pure conflicts, disputes and conflicts are not present, not the source of new ideas and opportunities. What is the difference between the competition has not yet been identified may reflect the concept. Time and again, the arm can not stand over the body, so that the body is always predict changes in the global effort to respond to their need to change around the world.

To change the drive efficiency. The authority of the conflict, the introduction of new ideas and to change the unit of the group's commitment not to believe the motivation of employees. When you press and the latest technologies, to resolve the situation, in fact, in May the group, the first to market new products and services.