Wednesday, October 29, 2008

THOUGHT - The Curse of Billy Penn: an open letter to Mayor Nutter of Philly

[Emailed to on 29 October 2008]

Dear Mayor Nutter,

I am quite sure you are as proud as any of us that our own Phillies have pulled off what we’ve all thought to be the impossible. The curse is lifted! While this may sound a bit loony, I can’t help but think of how fun it would be to require a statue of Billy Penn on top of the city’s highest building. It would surely be an interesting tourist gimmick: a play on the athletic superstitions that surround any city.

Of course, I don’t see this as a requirement that every building in the city be fitted with a statue. Perhaps just a single statue that gets transferred to the new tallest building of the city. Or, owing to the city’s clear love of Ben Franklin – seeing as quite nearly everything bears his name – I can’t say I’d be terribly against a city chock full of William Penn statues along its skyline.

I know it may sound campy, but it’s my opinion that little cultural twists such as this are what make a city worth its name! Thank you for your time and congratulations to the city for this night’s historic achievement!

Andrew Bossi

[UPDATE 9 Feb 2009 - ...I never received a response]

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