Sunday, October 5, 2008

POLITICS - The best in reality TV

I like this reality show called "the News". It's exciting to see each day's plot twists: what countries will ally, which will feud, which will bicker over who gets to use eachother's perfume or jockstrap or oil, which will sleep with the other's best friend, etc.

Recently there's been this spin-off show where they've been concentrating on this one country. Apparently their current leader can't remain leader... I don't quite get the rules, but that seems to be what's happening. There are these two people who I think are trying to become leader, but I can't seem to follow the plot very well.

I kind of miss the old shows before this spinoff plot; the old ones had a lot more action. These new shows could have so much more, except all they do is talk and talk and talk... but without any apparent plot, it doesn't really seem to make all that much sense. I think they need new writers?

They need to throw in a fist-fight or something... I mean, there seems to be all this tension between that token black guy and the white guy with big cheeks; I think they're just building up to the fisticuffs moment. I used to like that other guy that used to yell a lot, but in last week's episode they seemed to change his character.

Then there's Tina Fey's female character -- I think she's supposed to be one of the townspeople from Northern Exposure. I kind of like that character: she's funny in a ditzy sort of way & cute, but they keep talking about the moose and yet I never get to see it. The moose was my favorite part of that show.

Well I keep hoping this spin-off will get better, but personally I'm looking forward to when it goes back to its normal plot... it really left me at a cliffhanger with that one really big guy trying to teach the little guy how to fight, except the big guy was angry that the little guy wasn't any good at it -- so he beat up the little guy to try and teach him faster. The show kind of ended right after that... is that little guy OK??

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