Sunday, August 17, 2008

UA - Kyiv

One might call this a waste of a day, but I’d say it’s a day that needed to happen – especially after all the hiking and walking I’ve been doing the past two weeks. After our 7-o’clock hour arrival into Kyiv, we made our way to the apartment with a brief stop-over at the farmer’s market right at our Metro station. The remainder of the day and evening was spent in the apartment, catching up on organizing my photos as well as writing in this here journal.

Officially, my excuse was that I needed to do laundry, but the two wash bins were full with the guys’ clothes. However, I learned I could just take care of my laundry the following day, leading me to select two shirts that didn’t smell too bad. So my official excuse became moot and then my real excuse became the more prevalent: it was bloody hot out and my legs – while fine by day – were restless at night from all the hiking & walking. It was also, admittedly, a bit nice to see the visitor that was there much of the morning and early afternoon – a cute blonde stewardess with AeroSvit whom eventually left for work.

Svitlana’s excuse was that she needed to track down a new apartment. With amazing timing to go on holiday, her apartment’s lease expires the last week of August and she needed to both pack for a couple days in Bila Tserkva, locate a new apartment, and then pack her entire life for the move to a new residence. I’m not entirely sure she made much progress on many of those fronts (just as I didn’t make much progress on my “gotta do laundry” excuse).

I am not quite sure what Anastasia’s plans were – if indeed she had any – but I knew that with the heat, she wasn’t too enthusiastic about heading outdoors, either. She had soon fallen asleep, which took up the major portion of her day. In the evening, the girls, along with Russlan and myself, sat around the computer and watched Big Stan. I’m not a particular fan of Ron Schneider, other than when he’s just a supporting castmember to Adam Sandler; but I have to admit that this movie was among his more tolerable roles. Then again, I was also watching it in Russian. There were quite a couple bits I felt were overdone, but overall it was actually a watchable movie. Whether I’d still be saying that if I saw it in English; that’s another question entirely.

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